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Article 011 Belt and Road with America First and Russia and Dar al-Islam ・ ・ ・ World situation forecast for 2020. Hatena Blog Version

President Trump's America First will be the key to the evolution of the world.


Until now, the United States has had US troops stationed at strategic strategic points in the world situation. In all parts of the world, people with different intentions are mixed. People with different intentions often conflict with each other.

They needed to act with respect for the will of the US military stationed in the surrounding area. American troops stationed around the world would have played a significant role in deterring conflict in the surrounding area.

The Trump administration is taking steps to reduce the cost of US troops stationed around the world. The Trump administration is taking steps to withdraw US troops stationed around the world.

In areas where U.S. forces have withdrawn, regional instability can occur. In those areas, new deterrents to regional conflicts are needed.


China has chosen Belt and Road for the survival of China. America First was an opportunity for Belt and Road development.

The Trump administration has advocated the Coalition of the willing as part of America First. The Coalition of the willing is at a disadvantage for China. Until now, China relied on mainland China for its oil supply via routes from the Middle East through the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean.

China has chosen to switch its oil supply to mainland China to rely on Russia. This should have decided to join Russia's Belt and Road.

"China needs participation in Russia's Belt and Road." Russia understands this. Russia and China should have agreed to join Russia's Belt and Road on reasonable grounds.

Once Russia's Belt and Road participation has been realized, Russia and China will come to realize their benefits as real experiences. The Russian and Chinese economies form a new economic sphere in an integrated fashion.

Russia and China experience the benefits that come from their economies. China and Russia will have the highest priority for their goal of success in Belt and Road.


With Russia's participation in Belt and Road, Belt and Road will be extended to the EU and the Middle East.

US troops have withdrawn from the area around the Syrian-Turkish border. And now Russia has gained supremacy in these areas. If Russia resolves regional conflicts such as the Kurdish issue, Syria and Turkey will support Russia. And China will cooperate in this.

Here, a scaffold for Belt and Road to enter the Middle East was formed.


Syria and Turkey will participate in Belt and Road. Once in Syria, Syria will no longer need to engage in civil war with rebels.


Belt and Road requires peaceful coexistence and co-prosperity of all ethnic groups in the surrounding area. The whole Belt and Road forms an integrated economic zone. And it is the goal of Belt and Road that all the nations and ethnic groups that participate in it benefit.

War destroys the benefits of Belt and Road.

If Syria joins Belt and Road, Belt and Road will benefit all ethnic groups in Syria. All ethnic groups in Syria will appreciate the benefits that can be gained by working together on the Belt and Road.


China now understands that dominating with military power does not benefit Belt and Road.

China has acquired a 99-year stake in the Magampura Mahinda Rajapaksa Port in Sri Lanka. However, the Chinese Navy cannot return to this port. Sri Lanka will be able to freeze the port's Chinese assets at any time. China cannot use military force to prevent Sri Lanka from freezing Chinese assets in this port. There will be no effective military operations from the Spratly Islands to this port. The United States and India do not allow this.

China needs to provide enough profits to Sri Lanka.


China will be able to secure a naval base in the Spratly Islands. However, China needs to provide sufficient benefits to countries claiming sovereignty over the Spratly Islands.

Countries other than China were unable to develop the Spratly Islands. China has realized the development of the Spratly Islands.

Countries claiming sovereignty over the Spratly Islands will find it beneficial to work with Belt and Road.

These countries may not always choose to benefit from Belt and Road.


China must continue to prove to the nations of the world that it is not an invader. China cannot wage war with Taiwan. China cannot use its military power to secure a naval base in the Spratly Islands.

The purpose of Belt and Road is the peaceful coexistence and prosperity of all nations and ethnic groups. This is because China must continue to prove it to the whole world.

If countries participating in Belt and Road do not trust and participate in the Belt and Road concept, Belt and Road will not succeed.

China now understands this. Chinese companies seem to be beginning to understand the need to provide benefits to others.


China and Russia will have Syria and Turkey join the Belt and Road. China and Russia will focus on eliminating regional conflicts in the surrounding areas of Syria and Turkey.

Belt and Road will carry out large-scale investment projects and provide employment to all ethnic groups. And they will agree to the Belt and Road philosophy and demand that they work together.

Competition for limited interests creates regional conflicts. So provide enough profit. And end regional disputes.


Belt and Road will involve Iran. If Iran joins the Belt and Road, the U.S.-Iran war will be avoided.

Iran has decided to develop nuclear weapons to protect itself because it is isolated. China and Russia have continued to defend such Iran. Once Iran has joined Belt and Road, China and Russia will lift economic sanctions against Iran. If the United States imposes economic sanctions, China and Russia will provide Iran with the benefits of the sanctions.

Iran will no longer need to develop nuclear weapons. Iran is guaranteed peaceful use of nuclear energy. However, Iran abandons nuclear weapons development. Iran promises this to China and Russia. If Iran breaks this promise, Iran will be expelled from the Belt and Road. And China and Russia will impose sanctions on Iran.

China and Russia will be forced to stop Iran's nuclear weapons development, taking responsibility for having Iran join the Belt and Road. Needless to say, the United States will also participate in sanctions on Iran.


This will provide security to the international community regarding Iran's nuclear program.


The Chinese, Russian and Iranian forces have conducted joint military exercises in the Indian Ocean. This means that Iran's participation in the Belt and Road has been decided.


About the benefits of the Middle East joining Belt and Road.


In Islam there is the idea of ​​Dar al-Islam. The construction of Dar al-Islam is a Muslim mission. Excerpted from Jihad article on Japanese Wikipedia. This Wikipedia article is a transcription from Heibonsha's World Encyclopedia.


"In the philosophy of Islamic law, the world must be an established Islamic sovereignty, Dar al-Islam. Defined as a war world, where jihad is needed until Islamic sovereignty is established. [4]


Islamic law would have been enacted by interpreting the Quran. Quran would be Allah's prophecy. Therefore, Islamic law is also Allah's prophecy. Until the prophecy of Allah is realized, humans will not know its true meaning.

Dar al-Islam would be Allah's prophecy. Muslims do not know the true meaning of Dar al-Islam until it is realized. Furthermore, Muslims cannot know whether Dar al-Islam has been realized.

Muhammad and many Muslims interpreted Jihad as a war. Muhammad repeated the conquests and propagated Islam.


In Islam, interpreting and executing the Quran would be interpreted as a way to keep Allah's command. It is presumed that humans cannot understand Allah's truth.

In Islam, it doesn't seem to matter whether the person correctly interprets the Quran.

However, once Dar al-Islam is realized, Muslims will know its true meaning. That would be a prophecy.


This is an Israeli episode. When Israel was founded, some Jews began walking towards Israel. The Jews had never seen an airplane. The Israeli government chartered the plane and had the Jews board it. The Jews boarded the plane they saw for the first time in their birth without surprise.

A surprised Israeli government official asked a question. The Jews responded. "We return to home on the wind wings and are prophesied in Torah."


The purpose of Dar al-Islam is to realize a world without war. In other words, the realization of the principles of the Charter of the United Nations. The United Nations has not done this yet. However, Dar al-Islam does this. This is the prophecy of Islamic law.

When Muslims know that a prophecy has come true, they will choose to act according to the prophecy.


The purpose of Jihad is the construction of Dar al-Islam. Until Dar al-Islam is realized, the true meaning of Jihad cannot be seen by Muslims.

Once the Dar al-Islam is realized and Muslims know that Jihad is a peaceful way, Muslims will not choose war or suicide bombing for missionary work .

Muslims perform jihad to go to heaven. Some Muslims have interpreted suicide bombing as jihad.


I considered one possibility. Saudi Aramco, a state-owned Saudi company, went public. Saudi Aramco's asset value is 200 trillion yen. If Saudi Aramco operates with a sense of Islamic religion, it may invest 200 trillion yen from the Middle East to Africa.

Saudi Aramco's investment business will create a strong economic zone. Muslims may recognize this economy as Dar al-Islam.

If nations, races and people agree with the idea of ​​Dar al-Islam, sovereignty of all nations is guaranteed and traditions of all ethnic groups are guaranteed. The occupation and the world of safe living of all people are guaranteed.

As a result, everyone has come to support the idea of ​​Dar al-Islam. Here, Islamic sovereignty is established.


I thought Islam has such a possibility. If such a Dar al-Islam is realized, cooperation with Belt and Road will be established.

Dar al-Islam and Belt and Road have a common purpose. Dar al-Islam and Belt and Road will form an integrated economic zone.


The formation of this integrated economic zone will drastically change the world situation. The United States continues to observe the upheaval of the world situation. The upheaval of the world situation will reveal various essences that were previously buried in chaos. The United States who observes these will understand the nature of the world situation.

The origin of America's national ideology is ascetic Protestantism, which is essentially the idea of ​​a social revolution. The social revolution is a revolution that fundamentally changes the rules that govern the world situation.

The United States may once again enable a revolution on a global scale.


For China's Belt and Road, coordination with the Islamic community is very important. Han people may have difficulty understanding Islam. That is why the Han people need Uyghurs to communicate with Muslims. Uyghurs also need the help of Han people.

Russia, a key participant in Belt and Road, has many Islamic republics.


Uyghur will not have to dare separate if ethnic traditions are respected.

The Belt and Road Ideal is the embodiment of the ideal of Zhonghua. Uyghur respects and supports the Belt and Road Ideal. The Han people respect Uyghur's tradition and ask Uyghur for work. It is a job for construction of Belt and Road.

If all ethnic groups do not respect each other's traditions, Belt and Road will not succeed.

People who have survived the trials over the years will understand this.


The world affairs now that Russia has joined Belt and Road will help solve the Uyghur problem.


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